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Click a region below or use the left menu to see all school district positions in Alaska!

Note: If you see this message, but there is no map of Alaska showing, or any job listings above,  please make sure you allow "cross-site" content permissions for our site in your browser. Why? The Frontline Applitrack database we use on the ATP Job Bank (alaskateacher.org) needs your permission for embedding live job listings here which actually reside in our master database on Frontline's servers. These settings vary by app, but are found under "Security" preferences for the Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers

The Back Story: This page was set up originally many years ago to help search listings by geographic region as a courtesy to those who aren't familiar with Alaska. Security restriction changes in many web browsers make it impossible to guarantee this page you are on now will work for every user on every system.

The Good News: Starting in 2023, we added a detailed new page about Alaska's distinct regions - which has regional maps and links to each school district or employer located in that region, a link to their website,  and a link to all of their live posted jobs - so candidates can figure out exactly where jobs in Alaska are, and what each region offers. Also, candidates can always search the same exact ATP Job Bank listings using our main Applitrack system at this link:

Confused? Can't get the map to load? No problem!  You can either contact us for tech support by providing the type of computer (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android), web browser (the application or program) and operating system (OS X / Windows / Android version) you are using. Also, tell us what is happening or not happening.  We will try to help!

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