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Postby marymatt718 » Tue Mar 16, 2021 1:17 pm

Do you want to avoid being a "marble in a milkshake?"

If so, you really need to send some kind of email of introduction to the principal or the superintendent of the district you are interested in. This is not your letter of introduction that you attach to your ATP application. You just want to say something to get their attention and make them curious. You need to let them know you're serious about the position somehow. I usually send variations of something like the following:

Good evening,

I have just applied to your open ____________ position at _________________ on the ATP website, and I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I recently renewed/applied for my certificate and [some other assurance about your certification] I am currently endorsed in ______________________.

[Briefly speak to your experience. If you're a new teacher, talk up your practical experience.Briefly]

[Briefly speak to any cultural or diversity experience you might have, if applying to a bush village. Briefly]

I have attached my resume/ATP printed application file to this email for your convenience. If you feel my qualifications would fit your organization, I would enjoy an opportunity for discussion. I can be reached at the number or email found below. The best time to contact me by phone is ____________.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your name
cell/other number

You have to remember that the HR people are seeing ALL applications for ALL open positions in ALL their school locations. If you want to get noticed, help them out and contact the person you may be working for directly. Then they will go to HR and check you out.
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Postby marymatt718 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:21 pm

And if any of you think you might be interested in working in GALENA, AK (cushy bush, one flight to Fairbanks, UPS delivery, above average bush internet, DISH network available, regular deliveries from Fred Meyer easily scheduled) send your inquiries to

Mr. Casey is the principal at the city school. The principal at the boarding school is leaving this year, so any attention-getters should be sent to Mr. Casey. Do your application first, then send an email to Dave Casey.

We have a K-12 school and a 9-12 boarding school that work together to educate kids from all over Alaska. We did not close except for travel quarantines at Christmas, so we had face-to-face teaching all year. We have enough community members and students vaccinated that we were at herd immunity on March 5. Our village is ADAMANT about safety. We had two cases all year, and both were found within their quarantine stage and kept isolated. We had no community outbreaks. If you are worried about safety, this is the place to come...okay, I'm a teensy bit biased, but the truth is the truth.

Just sayin'.
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