Fall 2021 Temp

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Fall 2021 Temp

Postby aehegney » Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:07 pm

Hello..I am a retired NYS Teacher and Guidance Counselor. I recently applied for type c guidance certificate. My question is besides filling out the short/long term sub application and regular application what else can I do to get a temporary guidance/school counselor position for fall 2021. Looking for approximately 2 months. I have registered for virtual fair on March 27th too. I would hopefully be able to work somewhere that I don't need a car. Thanks Ann
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Re: Fall 2021 Temp

Postby Johncn » Fri Mar 12, 2021 5:12 am

Hi Ann,

You are doing the right things. You need to be certified in order to do that sort of work in Alaska, even on a temporary basis. The March 27 event may provide some solid leads for you "in the Bush", which is the part of Alaska you won't need a car in. ;-) You WILL want to make sure you understand the different areas of Alaska. Here is the link to our main research area on the site for anyone who is reading this thread:

Main Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) Site - Use these links to learn about the basics of teaching and working in Alaska

There MAY be some immediate Counselor openings for the remainder of the current year, but sounds like you are targeting fall of 2021. Fall in Alaska begins in late August and very early September, by the way, at least from a weather and tundra colors perspective.

Districts usually have staggered staffing needs. They are MOST interested in hiring full year applicants right now, and the majority of positions at the March 27 virtual fair are going to be for hiring permanent 2021-22 School Year employees. Teacher and related service provider contracts in Alaska are one-year for a number of days in negotiated with each district-level teacher's union. These usually start contractually in July, and end in June of the following year. Teachers normally report in early August.

That doesn't mean that a Fall short-term known opening won't be available on March 27...it could be. But, in most cases, a known two-month or so opening RIGHT NOW will be something that the district is planning for, such as a staff maternity leave. The bulk of unexpected short-term positions are likely to be posted closer to the beginning of the 2021-22 SY, which usually / traditionally starts for staff in August. Things MAY be different this year with some districts operating more summer programs. I'm not sure. But, those short term August / September openings in rural districts (the Bush) will be for unfilled openings, or unexpected ones.

The good news? Good, experienced, available Guidance Counselors are very hard to find for most Bush districts. I'm quite sure you will be in demand if all your references solid, and your Alaska certification is in place. ;-)

Hope this helps. You've come to the right place for your questions!

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