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Postby Carina Cabigon » Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:58 am

Hello, just would like to ask if it is possible for a family outside Alaska to relocate specifically in the Iditarod Area School District. We are family of 5. Thank you
Carina Cabigon
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Re: Relocation

Postby Johncn » Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:05 am

Hi Carina,

Yes, many teachers and their families relocated to Alaska every year. We would need more information about where you are coming from to be more helpful. The Iditarod School District is a rural Alaska (Bush) school district, and you will want to know about the different regions of Alaska, and also about the specifics of your district's housing options and support before making a determination if it's a feasible move.

A family of five may have trouble finding housing in SOME Bush villages in some districts. It really depends on the village and the year. The district's "Negotiated Agreement" (union contract) will tell you some of those things. But, the district itself is certainly used to answering questions from teacher candidates. They're your best source of accurate information if they offer you a job. :)

Here is the Iditarod Area School District (IASD) Negotiated Agreement from their website:

Staff Information Page:

Negotiated Agreement (PDF):

Here is our main website that has lots of useful information for researching the specific area and differences between Road System and Bush schools:

Alaska Teacher Placement

Specifically, you'll want to check the links out on the left menu here:


Hope this helps, but feel free to ask more specific questions. You've come to the right place to be inquisitive. ;-)

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Re: Relocation

Postby bmwarey » Fri Mar 26, 2021 10:21 am

Hi, Carina,
I used to work in the Iditarod Area School District for about 10 years. If you need more information, you may contact me at I taught and was the principal in Anvik, Grayling, Lake Minchumina, McGrath, Nikolai, Takotna, and Telida. Enjoyed the people and the villages in that District.
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