Charter Schools?

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Charter Schools?

Postby Holly406 » Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:07 pm

Do the charter schools on this list post their vacancies on ATP or elsewhere? ... y-2020.pdf
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Re: Charter Schools?

Postby Johncn » Thu Dec 24, 2020 10:09 am


Nearly all the schools in Alaska post their listings either directly with ATP, or have their own posting system, but still have their job openings show up in searches on the ATP website because of an integration arrangement with Frontline, the makers of the Applitrack (Recruiting & Hiring) job database system. There are accounts in the ATP system for every school district, some private / religious schools, and a few public government service agencies that hire certified educators, a museum or two, and the university system. The actual list of "ATP Consortium Members" changes slightly each year, as there is an annual service contract, and sometimes a school district or organization will skip a year, or part of a year due to budget or need fluctuations.

All charter schools in Alaska (as well as all public schools) are listed on the Alaska Department of Education database, with data about sponsorship and management. Basically, this means that a charter school is associated with a public school district, and the name of the district is included. The state guidance on charter schools states in part:

Established at the local level

In Alaska, charter schools are started by a founding group at the local level. Founding members must follow local school district policy to submit for approval to their local school board. Upon receipt of the application at the local level, the local school board has 60 days to review the application. Upon approval of the charter application by the local school board, the complete Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (EED) Charter School Initial Application Form is sent to EED within a 30 day period.

You can search the schools on the list you linked to see who controls / manages each school. But, the short answer is that most of them will be included in ATP searches. I can't tell for sure without searching the entire list myself, but I am sure you are up to the task. ;-) Every single one I checked from the list was sponsored or worked with a local school district, so would have access to job posting on ATP.

Here is the search screen. Hope it helps. Feel free to post what you find out here!

Alaska Department of Education - School Rolodex Database

Remember that just searching for the term "charter" in the name will return results that list charter schools, but not all charters have that in the name. ;-)

Here is the Alaska Department of Education information about charter schools in Alaska, and links to the regulations and "state guidance documents" that pertain to them:

Alaska Department of Education - Charter School Information

The same system allows you to search by location or by school district, which is actually quite handy a bookmark for anyone job hunting.


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