Galena Dorm Life

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Galena Dorm Life

Postby marymatt718 » Sat May 23, 2020 9:34 am

Need a break from teaching? Need more experience with a different culture without having to write lesson plans? Need to ease into Alaska life? Having a hard time finding a teaching job because you need more experience? Want to better understand teenagers?

Working in the Galena Interior School District as a Dorm Aide or a Residential Advisor might be just what you need.

I am a teacher in Galena, which is a boarding school, but I also help out in the residential dorm working with the students. No, it doesn't pay a huge salary but the room and board are cheap and free respectively; laundry is free; utilities are free; and the walk to work takes about 2 minutes (across the parking lot). No car is necessary. In the past, I have known Dorm Aides and Residential Advisors to put aside nearly $8000 into savings while here. There are often opportunities to work extra shifts, and, if you need a teaching fix/teaching experience, we always need reliable substitute teachers at the two campuses.

The dorm aide is a few dollars less per hour, but with fewer responsibilities. I work as a substitute Dorm Aide (@$16.50 per hour),and have been doing so for all of the 4 years I have taught in Galena. We are the background workers who monitor and manage the dorm operations and the students. The Residential Advisors work more closely with the students who are divided into communities. The RAs have more one-on-one with the students. They watch the students' grades, have community meetings, do floor duty (checking rooms, doing roommate interventions, and enforcing the dorm rules), and run dorm activities.

If you feel you want to work more closely with HS students, understand them better, and find out what makes them do some of the things they do, then this is your opportunity to do that. Even doing this part time has taught me so much about my kids and has made me a better teacher.

On the ATP web site,funder the Galena School District, Residential Advisor is listed under Support Staff, Dorm Aides are under Student Support, I think.There is also an opening in the dorm for a Counselor (they want 2 and are short 1) and a Programming RA (creates and schedules events for students, plus other stuff I don't know enough about to tell you.)

Please give it some thought. This is a great school and these are great kids...and they need you.

If this is not for you, but you can think of someone who would love this job, is patient with teenagers, can pass a background check, and doesn't mind a cold, snowy winter, please pass this on. Minimum age is 20/21, I think. A degree is not absolutely necessary, but it helps.

BTW,just some FYI...we do get sun in the winter, about 6 hours or so. Galena is a few hundred miles west of Fairbanks, sort of in the middle of the state of Alaska.The Mighty Yukon flows by until it's frozen solid. Pets are not allowed in the staff dorm (the only real downside to the job that I can think of).
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