Relocating to S. Kenai: Advice School District or Other?

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Relocating to S. Kenai: Advice School District or Other?

Postby ShannonPrescott » Thu Mar 05, 2020 8:32 pm

So today, I found out that I got the job! :D and will be moving to Homer this summer. I want to thank everyone that patiently answered my questions about applying, SPEd and everything else. (I'm unable to directly message people, so I am hoping they see this).

Anyway, I am seeking any quick thoughts on moving to the area. I have searched the forum but many of the results are several years old and I don't know what is still current. I am active on Reddit r/alaska too but I was hoping to solicit (once again) thoughts from educators: On the workings of the Kenai SD, what to look for (or avoid) when looking for housing, things I should bring from home (particularly classroom wise), best car insurance, good readings to familiarize myself with history/culture. Thank you and happy spring!
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Re: Relocating to S. Kenai: Advice School District or Other?

Postby Johncn » Tue May 12, 2020 8:43 am

Hi Shannon,

There is a live chat with Kenai Borough School District staff today at 3:30 PM Alaska time (7:30 PM Eastern). If you are available, you might want to pose some of your questions to the group then, as I'm sure the answers would help others, too.

To participate, visit the ATP Facebook page:

You have to be logged into Facebook, but can text your questions in. The hosts will answer them when they pause to take questions.


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