Decision period for job offers?

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Decision period for job offers?

Postby SHDHart » Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:39 pm

How much time is a bush district likely to give an applicant to accept or decline an offer? I have been in touch with several districts and have some interviews scheduled. I'm trying not to be too picky, but some vacancies are more attractive to me than others, so I want a chance to consider a few offers (assuming I get them). I've read at job fairs there's usually not much time to make a decision. Am I likely to have more time now, in February?
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Re: Decision period for job offers?

Postby Johncn » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:07 am


It depends on the school district, but in my experience, most Bush jobs posted - no matter what the listing says - are "open until filled". In other words, they want the right fit, and if they find it, they will fill the job. If you have a strong preference for a specific district or school, and you get an offer...I would take it. No matter what time of year it is, you have no control over any potential better jobs may or may not be coming open. Bird in the hand...

Also, there is no second guessing yourself. Is it the best POSSIBLE fit? Who knows? Nobody knows. All contracts are a year long in Alaska. In reality, more like 10 month, or a 185 work days. You can do that standing on your head, and holding your breath. :shock: I know many, many teachers who passed up a contract offer, and then regretted a day later, or a month later. Nobody in 2020 is "holding jobs open" for a job me. Fifteen years ago? Maybe. Not now. They are going to hire the first well qualified candidate and seal the deal. So should you IMHO.


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