Jobs for 2020-21 SY Starting to Post...

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Jobs for 2020-21 SY Starting to Post...

Postby Johncn » Sat Feb 08, 2020 3:20 pm


This is the time of year when we start to see a rapid increase in Alaska teacher and administrator job postings. So, for the beginning of the 2020-21 School Year job search cycle, we have gone through and made sure that old jobs are removed, and districts are all able to post positions in the database. It is very important for those searching for a new job in Alaska for next year to finish up their Applitrack application documents, polish up their resume / cover letters, research their desired locations and setting, and start to keep a daily watch on the job postings.

The ATP Applitrack system - which is hosted by Alaska Teacher Placement - displays essentially all of the teaching and most of the school administration jobs in the state. ATP is the main vehicle for job postings for "rural and remote" districts in the state, which means every district EXCEPT those on the road system. Five districts on the road system in Alaska (Anchorage, Mat Su, Kenai, Fairbanks & Juneau), and one on the Alaska Marine Highway (Kodiak), have their own Applitrack system for job posting and applications. These are collectively known as the The Big Five, as they are mostly road syste and/or more urban districts and represent a large portion of the jobs posted each year, but their jobs ALSO SHOW UP in ATP's clearinghouse job bank here:

ATP Job Bank

As of today, there are 225 currently jobs in rural, remote and regional hub communities in Alaska. This number will go up and down, as jobs are filled and posted, but the trend will be UP over the next month or two. Serious applicants should definitely be monitoring postings there, and through you ATP Applitrack account. There are also many jobs posted for the Big Five (or Six), but those often include classified aide, coaching and substitute positions, and we can't view them in our system, so it's hard to know how many there are currently. Probably at least another 100 or so are teaching positions.

There are some visitors who have reported an issue utilizing the most recent updates of the Safari web browser where clicking on the job category or district "loops" one back to the home page.. This is due to changes in how Safari handles embedded (cross-posted) content, and a known issue that is being worked on. The workaround for this is simple and free: use Chrome or Firefox as your browser (viewer) until Safari is fixed. ;-)

If that does not appeal to you, there is also a link that may work for the new version of Safari here: ... s/view.asp?

Finally, you can always go to this address and search logged into the Applitrack system on your account: ... login=true

Happy hunting out there, and make sure you are ready for your 2020-21 job search!

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Re: Jobs for 2020-21 SY Starting to Post...

Postby Johncn » Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:57 pm

Just an update as jobs post and close for the 2020-21 recruiting cycle. Remember that rural positions tend to post earlier than road system districts, and that openings are changing rapidly at this time of year as returning teachers sign contracts - or don't - and budgets are finalized for the coming school year. Serious candidates are likely checking daily now, and doing their research on districts.

The ATP Applitrack Job Bank is here:

As of this evening, there are 261 teaching, school administrations or educational specialty jobs JUST in the ATP Applitrack system member districts, plus jobs listed from the Big Six.

ATP Applitrack: = 261 in rural, remote, regional hub and statewide agency positions (some based in urban areas)

Job openings of the Big Six (have their own Applitrack systems) show up in ATP's search results, but then direct applicants to the school district's database for application processing. Because the Big Six usually post all sorts of jobs - classified aide, temporary, coaching, cafeteria, crossing guard, bus driver, volunteer and/or non-education related jobs - I have gone through and tried to list just the certified / professional and permanent jobs in education for each district to give candidates a better idea about distribution of positions. These are just quick estimates, not meant to be definitive, or all inclusive. I've added notes where there are obvious "candidate pool" postings, or multiple included jobs in a single listing. If there is positive feedback on these data, I'll do it a few more times this season. If not, well, I won't bother. :lol:

Anchorage = 50 positions or so (of 139 total jobs)

Fairbanks North Star = 9 or so (of 62 total jobs)

Juneau = 9 (of 34 total jobs)

Kenai Peninsula = 11 openings posted, but some are "multiple position" listings (of 83 jobs)

Kodiak Island = 13 (of 36 posted openings)

Matanuska-Susitna Borough = 8 openings, but one is a call for an Elementary Teaching candidate pool (of 15 postings)

So, to sum up, about 74% of jobs posted CURRENTLY (261 of 353 total positions) are in the ATP Applitrack system, and about 26% link to one of the Big Six districts' own database and application system.

To see how the different Applitrack systems relate, which is a frequently asked question this time of year, please see this link:

Your ATP Applitrack system is the best starting point. Make sure it is complete, and submitted with supporting documentation. Then, when you click on a job in the ATP Job Bank that directs you to one of the Big Six's website, you can import much of your basic information into their application. Only the fields that are shared between each application can be imported, so there will be additional questions and/or requirements for each of the Big Six districts, but having your ATP application complete will greatly reduce your data entry task.

Hope this helps, and good luck to all in their search process!

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