Can I work in bush as a school counselor with my bachelor's

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Can I work in bush as a school counselor with my bachelor's

Postby redfox » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:25 pm

I am a certified teacher from out of state. I would like to make a career change to school counseling. I have worked in the bush for a very short time before. I would love to go back but as a school counselor. I only have my bachelors in education K-9 with a lot of endorsements. Can I work in the bush as a counselor without a masters degree in school counseling? What is the type C certificate?
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Re: Can I work in bush as a school counselor with my bachelo

Postby Johncn » Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:12 pm


The short answer is probably "No", although a Bachelor's degree is fine. In order to get a Type C (Special Services) certificate as a School Counselor you will need to have finished an accredited program in School Counseling, and have the "Institutional Recommendation" from the university you did the work in.

Endorsements under a Type C certificate are things such as School Counselor, Social Work, School Psychology, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and so on. Each field has specific requirements that are different, and often a certain number of supervised field practicum / internship hours needed, but they all require specialized training and Alaska certification in order to work in schools.

As always, any advice you get here is just somebody's opinion. Don't base critical life decisions on what you read in a forum. ;-) Teacher and other Alaska certification issues are really hard to answer without full details of a candidate's background, coursework, and the latest interpretations of the Alaska Department of Education, which change year-to-year. Such questions are best addressed to Sondra Meredith's staff at the Alaska EED in Juneau. They are very responsive, despite being a small office, and have the latest, most accurate information. Plus, they make the official ruling in individual cases. :shock:

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