Full Circle.... and my experience

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Full Circle.... and my experience

Postby michellemedlin » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:23 am

My HORRIBLE experience with Full Circle....

1) I went to their website to look around to see what they offered....
2) Without creating an account, you can't look around!!
3) So, I created an account - which requires FULL registration information (location, CC number, pick up location, etc.) So, I filled all this future information is so I could just see if I wanted to join!
4) A week or so later, I was billed $113.20 with a box waiting for me at the pick up location I chose....

I was Floored to say the least - IMMEDIATELY called my CC company and filed a dispute - I NEVER ordered from them - I only filled in information so I could see if I would be interested later when I moved.

Full Circle did end up refunding me - BUT - it was a horrible experience. I am in KANSAS and they shipped fresh stuff to the Alaskan bush for me to pick up!

BE CAREFUL WITH THEIR WEBSITE..... You will be signing up for your first delivery when you create an account - it isn't well stated.
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