Amazon Smile and charitable donations

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Amazon Smile and charitable donations

Postby marymatt718 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:11 am

I just found out that Amazon has a site that enables you to buy the same stuff at the same prices, but 0.5% of what you spend can go to your favorite charity. It's called Amazon Smile and here is a link to it. It looks EXACTLY the same as the regular site, but now when I open it, it has my charity listed on it.

This is a link to support the Livestock Conservancy, which is an organization that is working to preserve heritage breeds of livestock (keeping that gene pool full!), but you can choose another charity from this linked site...or you can support this one...jus' sayin'... ;)
Since we have to spend a ton of money at Amazon anyway, at least those of us in remote locations do, then we might as well make our money do something more constructive than line Jeff Bezos' pockets, though I do appreciate his company being willing to donate our dollars to charity.
Check it out. This is where I'll be shopping when I shop at Amazon from now on. :D
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