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Interface it's gonna be dropped the reason

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:13 pm
by dennistowens
Interface it's gonna be dropped the reason why is that if we look at the show Mac address table or space Mac address table dynamic 4b than 200there's no Mac addresses in the camp able so when the switch receives a frame it basically doesn't know what to do with it so if I were to assign this to our router for 010-151 sport as well let’s say switch port access VLAN 200 where essentially the topology here ingoing to look like this where 010-151 are rather chill is on Port Fast Ethernet 0 sledge to and router for his on FAA 0 slash 4 so let's put the two routers in the same be let's say that there are not the same deal and the same subnet . ... echnician/