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Moving to Southeast Alaska

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:31 pm
by Redclover711
I am going to be teaching in Hoonah, AK with my husband starting next school year and we are looking to move in July sometime. We are looking at options for moving and would like some guidance on the cheapest most efficient way to move. We have a 1 year old that will be with us. Looking at the container/barge options looks pretty expensive. We do not have "teacher housing" per say and do not know what our housing will be like at this point in time or if there will be anything there. We are considering getting rid of a lot of our stuff, but will still be moving a significant amount of teaching material/classroom libraries, etc. We will have very little furniture in the end, if any and are looking to purchase some things once we get there or off Amazon. Does anyone have suggestions?

Things we have considered:
1. Media mail 70lb. tubs/boxes for all classroom and library materials. Ship to school so we do not need to transfer later.
2. Drive a small uhaul truck until we get to Haines/Skagway area and then take the ferry. One of us would have to ferry back to Juneau after we unpack to return the truck.
3. Small storage unit for some items and move them as needed later.

Any advice is appreciated!