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ATP Live Events: Virtual Job Fairs & Live Chat

ATP’s Virtual Job Fairs and Live Chats are held during the peak hiring season, between March and June. Sometimes we host over 100 concurrent users.

This year's Live Chat schedule feature interesting, informative speakers and topics for all Alaskan job seekers including presentations and Q & A sessions on Rural Alaska Living, Teacher Certification and positioning yourself for success at an ATP Job Fair, see the complete schedule and log in directions below.

Come join the fun, meet someone new and learn about Alaska.

ATP Live Chats - 2017 Live Chat Dates

2017 ATP Live Chat Schedule - All ATP Live Chats start at 3:00 p.m.
Date / Time
Guest Topic
February 9th 
Josh & Janice Bullock - Dillingham Schools Living / Working in Rural Alaska
February 16th Sondra Meredith - Alaska DEED Alaska Teacher Certification Q&A
February 23rd Toni McFadden - ATP Manager
Tips & Tricks for Online Application
March 2nd
Toni McFadden - ATP Manager Getting Ready for ATP's Lower 48 Job Fairs

ATP's Live Chats are online video presentations with special guests who take questions by text chat. Participants log in and watch the live video of the presenter and interact via a chat window by using the Live Chat Page. Our special guests are working professionals from our staff, and both the Alaska Statewide Mentorship Program (ASMP), and the Alaska Department of Education (DEED).

Alaska Teacher Placement Channel Video Archives

Tip: Previous Live Chat & Videos Available 24/7/356!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Think of it this way. At a most job fairs you only have a few moments to make an impression when you introduce yourself at the district's table or booth. Using the ATP Live Chat Area you can sometimes spend 20 or 30 minutes just getting ask and answer questions with school district administrators.

Confused? Check out our tutorial links or Live Help!

During scheduled events, ATP Live Help will be standing by at this address:

Participating in ATP's Live Events: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Create a Ustream Account

If you do not already have a free Ustream account, you need to create one that will inform everyone who you are, and what your areas of teaching or interest are.

Link to Create Ustream Account:

You should create a username or "nickname" that will give potential employers or guests some idea of who you are, where you are from or what you teach.

Recommended Username Example: firstname_certification_gradeLevels

Creating Ustream Username

Step 2: Go to the ATP Channel and Chat!

Once you create your account (or if you already have one), you can go to the ATP Channel for the live chat or Virtual Job Fair:

Alaska Teacher Placement Channel Chat Room:

ATP Live Events

Although anyone can watch the video, and observe the chat without logging in, if you would like to ask a question or introduce yourself, you must be logged in. If you are logged in already, your username will appear on the list of visitors to the channel on the right side. Or, if not logged in your log in box will appear when you type your question or comment and hit return like this:

ATP Live Events Log In

Either way, once logged in, just type a comment in the space and hit "Send". Your comment will then appear, and as you can see from this nonsense example, you can also click the control on the lower right to see who is in the chat, or to Private Message or Instant Message any user.

Chat Controls

Step 3: Instant Message (IM) Others

You can also now click on any user to enter into a private chat that has it's own "tab" along the bottom. Others, including district recruiters during Virtual Job Fairs, will use this feature to talk privately with you…and vice versa. This is the best way to privately talk with district representatives, or when questions you need to ask someone will not benefit the group in the chat as a whole.

Notice that the private chat you are having with someone appears in a "tab" along the bottom of the chat screen. You can switch easily between the main chat and private conversations by clicking those tabs.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging Detail

Technical Requirements

The ATP Live Events use software that most modern browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers can use.

Live Chat Requirements:
Internet Explorer or Firefox with Flash plug-in intalled and at least a 56K (dial-up) Internet Connection