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Hiring Freeze in Alaska?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:56 pm
by ShannonPrescott
This showed up on r/Alaska today. I am not sure what it means for education and school districts but I will put the link here: ... iring.html

Re: Hiring Freeze in Alaska?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:45 am
by Johncn

There is no hiring freeze for school districts. They receive state funding through a separate legislative mechanism. There are 54 school districts in the state, plus some statewide organizations, boarding schools and so on. The school districts are managed a by school board, and all get significant funding using what is called the "Foundation Formula". They get a varying amount of state funding depending on whether they are on the road system and have a tax base source, or are in rural Alaska where property taxes are not used for funding. The majority of rural schools depend on a mix of state and federal funding. School districts are not a "department", and manage their own finances.

The bottom line is that most school funding comes from oil taxes, and with the current oil market in turmoil, funding the Alaska budget is likely to be a major issue in the coming months. However, districts are still hiring, and many or most already have approved budgets for the 2020-21 school year cycle.