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Any info on Kake?

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 4:57 pm
by macuser64

I am looking at a position in Kake and am wondering if anyone has any information about this location. Please let me know whatever you have! Thank you!

Macuser64 :)

Re: Any info on Kake?

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 8:15 am
by Johncn

I was hoping someone with more firsthand knowledge would respond, as I have only been to Kake once, and that was a quick stop. It's a Tlingit village, and has about 100 students in a K-12 school. I've known people who loved it there. ;-)

The area is beautiful, on an island in Southeast Alaska, in Tongass National Forest, and not far from Petersburg and Wrangell. Trees, mountains, water, and all things that go along with those features in Alaska are present. There is a logging road system, so you can "get out of town", always a good thing if teaching a school year in a small site, if memory serves me well. You would best check the school district on details of what is possible in that regard.

Access is typically through Juneau, which I believe is about an hour flight (?) by small airplane..I am pretty sure that is by float plane. The Alaska State Ferry system - which is a fantastic transportation option to have - currently calls in Kake, and we went there from Juneau...maybe 8 hours? The state just announced that the Ferry system would continue through next school year, despite some ongoing political struggles regarding funding changes: ... -shutdown/

Hope this helps,