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Subject Area Cert Questions

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:12 pm
by ChaosIsWelcome
Hello, I am in a similar situation to others who posted last year and have an additional question. To move from the temporary to the professional, are any out of State Scores acceepted? I see that the Florida FTCE general knowledge is acceptable for the BCE, and I am hoping my subject area exams from FL (Biology 6-12 and Math 5-9) will carry over too. Taking Praxis isn't the end of the world but hoping to save the $.

In addition, how long would you recommend putting in the paperwork before applying? We are looking to move in the summer of 2020. I will be applying to a specific area, which I am a bit worried about (hubby is planning to join Alaska State Troopers and where I go will depend on him.

Thank you!

Re: Subject Area Cert Questions

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:25 am
by Johncn

This is a good question, actually, because the current Alaska EED Teacher Certification office page on content area testing has a vague section and/or typo, and the policy or interpretation of 4 AAC 12.407 (Alaska amended statutes) defers many decisions regarding testing to the state accrediting agency. Sondra Meredith (or her team members) at ARE the best single source of information regarding any grey areas. ;-)

As you stated in your question, there are state tests that meet the BCE requirement. The content area exams are primarily Praxis II series (current and former), and there are very specific rules about whether or not you can use those to obtain add on differs by subject / grade level.

Here is the vague area, but unlike the BCE requirement, I see nothing last lists equivalent exams by state or anything. I would go with "Must be Praxis II or Historical Equivalent" unless Sondra or someone from EED clarifies this in the interim:


As you can see, there is sentence that just ends unexpectedly that COULD address this issue, but may not. ;-) ATP has Sondra on for a live chat in the spring, and we will add this question to the list. If we (or you!) get an answer sooner, let's update this thread to help others. Do note that a prior PDF that EED provided had very similar language that ended like this:


Hope this helps,


Re: Subject Area Cert Questions

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2020 7:06 am
by abstir6
I moved to Anchorage from Florida in 2015 and all of my endorsements from Florida were accepted in Alaska.