New Year, new location...

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New Year, new location...

Postby Bushteachers » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:21 pm

Good Afternoon Everyone!! It's a new calendar year, which means most districts are half way through the year, and at this point many teachers are getting ready to begin their research for new locations.

Sometimes a new location is a want and sometimes it is a need. How does one cope with this issue? Especially when the decision to move has nothing to do with the school or community environment.

Those of us that have made these decisions, what sort of advise to you have for teachers currently looking?

Our advise, is not to feel ashamed and do not burn a bridge. Alaska is the largest small town in America.
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Re: New Year, new location...

Postby jamieburgess » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:40 am

I would say if you have a good principal/superintendent, talk to them about your need for leaving. Here in Alaska, it's tough, especially for teachers who want to return to the lower 48, to have to make a decision to accept/decline a contract when it may leave you nervously hoping you will get a job because contracts are offered here in Alaska long before the job market begins to roll in the lower 48. A good principal/superintendent will understand if you want to sign a contract to give yourself a safety net, but you are hoping to make a change. However, don't leave things until the last minute - that will only hurt the district if they have to try to replace you in May or later.
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