July / August Anchorage Thread

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July / August Anchorage Thread

Postby Johncn » Fri May 13, 2016 9:52 pm


I know some of you already have your airplane tickets for the big move, but are probably now trying to figure out where to stay when you transit or stop over in Anchorage. July and August are peak season for tourists, and Anchorage prices for hotels, car rentals and other services are driven way up.

If you know of some useful tips for those planning their move through Anchorage, please add it to this thread.

I'll start...the University of Alaska Anchorage rents out their dorm rooms and "quads" during the summer. They fill up, and are limited as far as available date range due to the university schedule. But, they're clean, comfortable, not badly located if you have or get wheels, and as long as you don't travel with pets, they're a good deal for families on the move.

University of Alaska Anchorage - Conference Services Guest Housing

Reservation form: https://www.uaa.alaska.edu/ccs/guesthou ... n-form.cfm

I found out about these when I was working for a district that needed housing for incoming new teacher orientation. I handled the reservations several years for the district. Good housing option, especially if you have three or four in your group. The prices range from $65 per person to $129 for a quad unit per night. Anchorage hotels are easily double (or triple) that rate during the summer.



Hope this helps, but y'all are smarter than any one of us, so share your tips!


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Re: July / August Anchorage Thread

Postby jamieburgess » Sat May 14, 2016 7:35 am

Another awesome way to find a place to stay is AirBnB. My first trip up I rented a room in a private condo for $85 per night. The host provided a simple breakfast and picked me up from the airport. He was so nice - for a negotiated price he drove me all over town to do my shopping and shipping, and even took me up to the park for a photo op to send pictures back home.

You can rent anything from a room in a house to an entire floor or entire house/condo. For those traveling with children, this might be an excellent option.
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