Application Process w/o Certificate

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Application Process w/o Certificate

Postby jodi » Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:53 pm


I had a few questions regarding the application process. I don't have my (out-of-state) certification yet, just waiting on a few documents now. I have all of my other documents and information uploaded to Applitrack as well as having all of my documents ready to apply for my Alaska certificate. I'm really excited to start teaching in Alaska, but I have to secure a job first... :P I've read on this forum that I don't need to have my certificate finished before I apply, just before I start teaching (which I will definitely have). My question pertains to the applitrack and the application procedure for those of us in certificate limbo. I can't "Submit" the application without an upload of the certificate, so... do I just select the schools I want to apply to (which I haven't done yet) and they'll review my information even though it's not submitted? I'm aware that they can see the info, but will they act on it if I haven't officially submitted the application? Should I submit it anyway, wait, or do something different? Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous that I won't get a job if I don't apply now...

Any help and/or advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Re: Application Process w/o Certificate

Postby Transplant2AK » Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:17 am

Hello Jodi,

I am fairly certain that you can apply without that information. If need be, state when you anticipate having it. You will want to begin the application process soon, as it can take a while. Specifically, I have heard that the background check will take a couple of months.

Once you've submitted the application, send an email to the human resources folks at the district(s) you are interested in. Tell them a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in their district. It can also be helpful to attach a copy of your resume to the email for quick reference purposes. You'll get more responses by initiating contact than you will by just submitting your application. This is not just true in Alaska, but really any job market.

Good luck!
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Re: Application Process w/o Certificate

Postby Bushteachers » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:07 pm

If you have everything needed and are simply waiting in your yellow card you can obtain employment. If something delays the certification it is possible to remain employed but at the sub rate instead of certified teacher rate.

We ran into a problem initially. Georgia allowed us to exempt Praxis 1 based off our SAT scores. Still had to take GA's version of praxis (GACE, which replaced praxis while in school) but Alaska didn't recognize the exemption. Some states do allow you to exempt praxis 1 (Texas is another) so make sure you take praxis one. It was a scramble and it was an unscheduled trip to anchorage, but after that we were fine.
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