Anchorage Job Fair meet up

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Anchorage Job Fair meet up

Postby BermudaKristi » Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:28 pm

Hi All!

It's hard to believe that the Anchorage Job Fair is this week! Since many of us are coming from out of town (or country!), I was wondering if anyone would like to do a casual get together? For those who wanted to come- let's meet in the lobby by the concierge desk of the Captain Cook at 6pm on Thursday (registration is from 3-5). From there we can walk to Uncle Joe's Pizzeria, which is fabulous food and only a block away. We can get travel cramps out, interview jitters, and get advice from each other about last minute questions. Especially for those who haven't been to Anchorage or Alaska yet, if you have questions about the move, someone is bound to be able to answer it :)

Let me know- I don't mind coordinating. I'd put the time from 6-8 so we can get back for a good nights sleep for the busy Friday ahead.

If you are interested in joining- send me an IM or email so I know to look out for you :)

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Re: Anchorage Job Fair meet up

Postby Johncn » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:30 am

Hey Kristi,

The term "meetup" didn't exist in current vernacular the last time I hosted one, but some things transcend eras. ;-)

This is a great idea for the Anchorage Job Fair participants, and something that has resulted in lifelong friendships in the past. In some prior years, Chick or I would use this forum to organize a meeting at the Captain Cook bar called "Fletcher's", and buy the first round. Other years candidates such as yourself have taken the initiative to get folks together by posting something here. Candidates have sometimes even used this forum to coordinate room sharing ahead of the fair, rental car sharing while in Anchorage, and for commiseration during what can be a stressful time for job seekers.

The Anchorage Job Fair is really one of the best times to meet other educators from all over Alaska, and it has become almost like an "Alaska education annual reunion". I know of numerous teachers who met and made friends during the Anchorage Job Fair that they stayed in touch with during long careers in Alaska, first as candidates, then as members of recruiting teams for their district, and sometimes as administrators. Alaska is a large state with a (relatively) small and close knit community of educators.

We're not going to physically be at the Anchorage, but certainly Chick and I will be with you guys in spirit. Hope you and your new friends and acquaintances have an exciting and productive job fair!


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