ATP Live Chat Schedule - New for 2017!

This is the new version of the Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) forum for teachers, education majors, and school administrators to discuss working and living in the state of Alaska. Those considering an Alaskan job, or considering a new Alaskan education job ask questions, and those with information and/or opinions provide answers. Although many users are teacher or principal candidates from the Lower 48, a large number of current and former school district HR and school administrators subscribe.

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ATP Live Chat Schedule - New for 2017!

Postby Johncn » Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:17 pm


Here is the ATP Live Chat schedule of guests and topics so far for the spring of 2017. Remember you can bring your questions about working and living in rural Alaska, all aspects of the job search process, not just the topic of the day.

All ATP Live Chats are now hosted on the Alaska Teacher Placement Facebook page using Facebook Live. You can comment and interact in new ways, and the events will be recorded and accessible for offline viewing.

Alaska Teacher Placement Facebook Live Streams - All 2017 Live Chats Here!


Note: The date and topic of the Tips & Tricks for Your Online Application chat has changed to February 23rd.

Old ATP Live Chat Area - Archived ATP Chats from prior years only!


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Re: ATP Live Chat Schedule

Postby Rachel_elementary » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:47 pm

I wasn't able to catch today's chat while it was live but I watched the video. I have signed up to attend the Anchorage job fair and I feel so much more prepared! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and tips and just an overall idea of what to expect. I definitely recommend anyone attending the job fair to watch the live chat.

Thanks again!
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Re: ATP Live Chat Schedule - New for 2017!

Postby Betty Walters » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:39 am


Remember that the 3 PM time posted for the 2017 Live Chats is Alaska Time allowing for educators across the country to attend at 4 PM through 7 PM after students are dismissed from school and before the night gets late. Feedback from past attendees shows that this is the best time to meet the needs of those who wish to be online. Thanks to the archiving of the Chats, educators can always watch the 2017 videos at a later date, suitable to individual schedules. Often applicants around the globe will have access as well since ATP does have persons from far and wide who attend Alaska Job Fairs. Those who miss a Chat, watch the video, and have questions, can post those to the Forum and get the best information ATP can offer at the time.

Enjoy your time exploring Alaska's school districts and preparing for your trip to a Job Fair.

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