Housing Tax Deduction

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Housing Tax Deduction

Postby jamieburgess » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:10 pm

Hi All - As I have now signed my housing lease agreement, I have heard terms like "forced housing" kicked around, saying that my lease payment is tax deductible. After a little bit of research on the IRS website, there is something under Employer-Provided Fringe Benefits. For those of you who have previously worked in a rural district where you had to live in the district-provided housing, did your school district show something on your W-2 to this effect? Or did you have to do something on your own tax return when you filed it?
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Re: Housing Tax Deduction

Postby Bushteachers » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:01 pm

The wife does our taxes. She said that when we complete our taxes, we just claim the housing tax break. We used our teacher housing contract for evidence if asked for.
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Re: Housing Tax Deduction

Postby marymatt718 » Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:52 pm

Here is a form I was given by a teacher at my school who has been here for about 12 years. I am copying and pasting this from a Word document I give now to all our new teachers before they come, so they can run it by their tax person just to be sure. Our district takes our rent out of our check and tallies it on our pay statements through the year, which is why you will see, in the instructions, to copy our December pay statement to include with this form. I don't electronically file because of this form, but it's worth it for the tax deduction. He has used this every year with no problems and I have used it myself for two years with no problems.

Copy and paste the last part of this and change the year as needed. (1040x just means 1040-whatever) The first step by step stuff is the set of instructions he included in his email. I just put them both together as a 2-page Word document for our Newbies so I didn't have to hunt down his email every time I send this.

Hope this helps you all.
Donna M. (marymatt718)

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Hi Folks,

After years of trial and error, here are some important tax tips for rural teachers. The most important is that your district supplied teacher housing is tax deductible.

Step 1. Print out the attached form and fill in your name. Include this with your paperwork.
Step 2. Make a copy of your December pay stub. Circle the total amount paid in rent.
Step 3. Enter that rent amount as a negative number on line 21.
Step 4. If you are eligible don't forget to enter your PFD on line 9a.
Total those amounts and enter your result on Line 22
Step 5. Enter $250 for educator expenses on Line 23. You do not need receipts for this deduction, thanks to NEA.
Step 6. Enter any moving expenses on Line 26 and attach Form 3903
Step 7. Enter any student loan interest, and attach proof of interest payment, on Line 33
Step 8. Enter any Tuition and Fees on Line 34 and attach Form 8917.
Step 9. Total lines 23-35 and enter total on Line 36.
Step 10. Subtract Line 36 from Line 22 and this is your Adjusted Income.

Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.


Tax year: 20____

____________________________________ is a Teacher at a rural Alaska school. During the tax year, s/he lived in “qualified campus lodging” provided by ______________________________ School District. S/He paid an amount of rent that is in excess of 5% of the appraised value of the lodging occupied. Per code section 119 (d), s/he deducts the Rent paid on line 21 of form 1040.
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