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Watch Those Listings...

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:36 am
by Johncn
Hey gang,

Just a quick note that about 100 jobs were posted this week between rural Alaska districts and those on the road system. Just on the ATP Applitrack side (not including the Big Five) there were 15 new jobs posted Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday and 15 on Friday. We are beginning to enter the real peak of job posting activity, so it pays to keep an eagle eye daily on the ATP Job Bank postings here:

ATP Applitrack Job Bank

It also is a good idea to search by position category rather than location, as the definition of "regions" varies somewhat, and you may miss great jobs. I'd start with "All Locations" and work through them.


Due to some structures imposed by the defaults on the Applitrack system, some of the categories are a little wonky, too, like Preschool / ECE jobs can be either "Elementary Teaching", or "Student Support", depending on the district. Special Education jobs are typically under "Student Support Services".

Many districts do NOT have their non-tenured staff contracts back, so the time between now and the Anchorage Job Fair will see a huge number of jobs posted. With that said, it's a big mistake to pass up a job offer or interview now in hopes of something "ideal" coming up later. Lots of people have passed on jobs early only to regret it later. If you find a good job, and get an offer....take the offer. Just saying. :D