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Multigrade Schools & Technology

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:25 am
by Johncn
Hi folks,

Although the technology tools have changed since I was teaching in rural, multigrade schools in Alaska, the methods we used to run the classrooms in our schools is very close to what this teacher in urban Washington, DC has arrived at in 2014:

After 20 Years, a Teacher Reinvents Ger Classroom Using Technology ... echnology/

ATP has a page on multigrade / multiage Classrooms here:

ATP Multigrade Teaching Information

You can use the tools in this thread about identifying public schools in Alaska with pre-schools to find schools with a wide range of ages / grades, but a limited number of teachers:

You can use the EED rolodex information to identify places that still have multigrade classrooms. For example, if you see a school that has 36 kids from K-12 and a "principal/teacher", then it is likely a multigrade setting. The way that each school district approaches this setting, however, can vary dramatically. Some districts will require a fairly rigid instructional model, and require separate preps and curriculum materials organized by each group of students born within a year of each other - a grade level - for "accountability" reasons. Others will have general guidelines for curriculum which allow teachers to meet the needs in their classroom across grade levels more flexibly. It's an important distinction.

Either way, I think this peek into Valyncia Hawkins' fifth grade classroom will help you get an idea of how an effective classroom can run integrating technology tools. Might be something to think about for potential interview questions.