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Unsure of opportunities for me

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:03 am
by Nathn_Watsn
My girlfriend and I have discussed moving to Alaska from the UK in a year or so. I was wondering if there were many opportunities for someone like me: 20 years old with excellent high school qualifications (UK GCSE's and A Levels) but no university/college degree. I am interested in perhaps being a teaching assistant and have expertise in English Language and Literature. Are there positions such as this widely available to people from the UK?

Re: Unsure of opportunities for me

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:38 pm
by Johncn

The main issues you will have with employment as a UK citizen will mostly be regarding work visas. We are not really experts in this area, but I can repeat what some past attorneys who posted have said. Certified teachers (licensed) with degrees in education can sometimes find school districts to sponsor them for a visa. This is typically an H-1B visa that a shortage has been demonstrated for...involving quite a bit of paperwork on the school district's part. They have to initiate the application after finding a candidate they want to hire. The teachers also have to additionally submit credentials for evaluation, and go through Juneau's Teacher Certification office to see if they can be certified to teach in Alaska (all teachers need certification in order to work). The candidates for these jobs that are most successful are those with advanced degrees, and/or experience in shortage areas - such as Special Education, Math and Science. Some Alaska districts have hired foreign nationals before in shortage areas.

That said, although it is possible for these teachers to work, the key is finding a district to spearhead the process and offer a contract. This can be difficult.

I am not aware of any situations where a position as a teacher's classroom assistant / aide would be categorized under the H-1B, but I am not really all that in the know about such things. Perhaps someone else here could shed some light, but I'm not well informed.

Hope this helps, but I imagine it is not what you had hoped to hear.