Where are all the new hires for rural Alaska???

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Where are all the new hires for rural Alaska???

Postby Betty Walters » Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:05 pm

I usually see so many questions flying through the ATP Forum at this time of the year. Not so it seems this year. Hmmm, educators must be diving into the archives for answers to all their needs.

There are still positions being advertised by school districts and opportunities exist for both teachers and administrators. If you or people you know are considering a move to Alaska and you (or they) are interested in being involved in a very rewarding career, follow through on the ATP Job Posts and call a school that may interest you. You will join a staff who work closely with students, families and community members. It is a chance to share your education and your experiences with children and teens who need teachers who are dedicated and willing to work beyond the local area where they now live. Be adventurous! If you have not been to Alaska, you will find that sports, outdoor recreation, school and community activities, and travel that will become an important part of your life with students, staff and community.

Enjoy the rest of July as you ready for the trip to your new home and school. A fantastic school year lies ahead.

Contact me at anytime. There are no foolish questions. If I do not know the answer, I'll try to find one for you!

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