assistant substitute teaching in Anchorage

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Re: assistant substitute teaching in Anchorage

Postby Darla Grediagin » Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:22 pm

You can apply to these positions through the classified position application on the Anchorage School District website.
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Re: assistant substitute teaching in Anchorage

Postby Darla Grediagin » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:44 pm

Hi Tom,

You would be able to substitute in other districts in Alaska. I know the MatSu Bourough allows substitutes with high school diplomas. The same is in other districts. If you are coming to Anchorage for other reasons, you may want to check with the University of Alaska, Anchorage or Alaska Pacific University about how they can help you get the necessary class for teaching.

Good luck
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Re: assistant substitute teaching in Anchorage

Postby Johncn » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:37 pm

Hey Tom,

With your experience, you may be attractive to districts looking for help with bilingual / bicultural students. Those programs hire teaching assistants more in the urban areas of Alaska where the melting pot is a little more diverse. In rural districts, the bilingual / bicultural aides are frequently Alaska Native speakers of the languages in those communities. Some of the larger towns have schools that have more diverse student populations than you might expect, with significant numbers of ESL learners from a variety of backgrounds. You'd need to undergo a district-level background check, of course, but there is no state certification required.

As far as Alaska teaching certification, we try to help with generic questions, but the details are always a little different each year, so be careful. MTCake sure you check the EED Teacher Certification page for the fine print, and use their "TCWeb" email address for questions regarding your particular situation:

Alaska EED does put out an official "Approved List of Teacher Certification Programs" each year. Here is their Fall, 2013 version:

Look under "Types of Certificates" for more information on the "Initial / Program Enrollment" certificate. Once you are enrolled in a certification program, this MAY offer you some options for working (and getting paid) as a certified teacher while you work on your degree. You'd need to have passed a competency test, and be able to finish the program within a certain period of time. The use of this new certificate type is not something I understand very well, and it has very specific criteria, so please check with Teacher Certification for clarification. ;-)


Hope this helps,

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